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Office Accounts

Declaration of Financial Interests

Read Diana's Declarations of Financial Interests 1999-2010

Salary and Pension, what are MEPs paid?

The monthly pre-tax salary of all MEPs from July 2009 is EUR 7,665, which is the equivalent of an annual salary of EUR 91,980. The cost is met from the European Parliament's budget and is subject to an EU tax and accident insurance contribution, after which the monthly salary is EUR 5,963. Diana pays additional UK tax and National Insurance contributions on the same basis as those she represents. Those additional payments amount to something in the region of £800 to £1,000 a month. The gross level of MEPs' salaries is calculated as 38.5% of the basic salary of a judge at the European Court of Justice.

In 2008, Diana Wallis' salary was £63,291 per year. This was the same as that of a British MP and subject to the same British tax rules.

These rules changed in July 2009, when the new Statute for EP Members entered into force.

Read the Statute for Members of the European Parliament

House of Commons official guide to Members' pay

Prior to July 2009 MEPs were paid at a rate equivalent to that received by national MPs in the country they represent.This resulted in huge discrepancies between MEPs, especially say between those from Poland at the extreme bottom end and Italy where Members' pay was almost the equivalent of £100,000 per annum. Diana was instrumental in the move to reform this, as an active member of the Working Party on the Members' Statute, set up to create a more transparent system with equal salaries for all MEPs. As Vice President responsible for Transparency, Diana is campaigning for continued reforms, such as providing more detailed information about MEP attendance figures. At the time when the new equal salary arrangement was voted upon it would have represented a decrease in wages for UK MEPs. However, changes in the exchange rate mean that this is not the case at present and the situation is accordingly variable in either direction.

From Diana's election in June 1999, through until November 2001, she continued to be a 'consultant' with the firm of solicitors (lawyers) Rollits, in Hull, Yorkshire, for whom she previously worked prior to her election since approximately 1993. For this consultancy Diana was paid the monthly sum of £500. Such payment ceased in November 2001 and she has since received no further payment from that firm nor has she maintained any interest in that firm nor had contact with it's clients. In fact during the actual period of the consultancy she carried out no work for the firm and likewise had no contact with clients. In essence the consultancy fee and the continuance of Diana's name on the firm's notepaper operated mainly to secure the smooth transfer of her client base that had been with her since the mid 1980s when she had practiced in London.

Details of the consultancy and the payment Diana received for it and likewise it's termination were set out in her annual declarations of interest for the years 1999, 2000 and 2001

Diana Wallis is not and has never been a member of the European Parliament's additional Voluntary Pension Scheme.

Expenses paid for by the European Parliament

MEP's expenses are paid for directly by the European Parliament. The European Parliament's total budget represents only 1% of all EU expenditure. Some 25% of that 1% (or 0.25% of the total EU budget) is allocated to MEPs expenditure at present. Details of Diana's expenses and allowances can be found below.

Office and General expenditure

View spreadsheet documenting Diana's entire 2010 general expenditure allowance

Diana's general expenditure invoices are available upon request. Some items purchased via direct debit do not have invoices though the details of these are also available

Description of Diana's Parliamentary allowances

Read details of Diana's expenses and allowances for 2010

Read details of Diana's expenses and allowances for 2009

Read details of Diana's expenses and allowances for 2008

Read details of Diana's expenses and allowances for 2007

Rules and Codes of Conduct for expenses

Read LDEPP Code of Conduct on Use of Members' Allowances

Parliament's official page on allowances